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family crests

What a task it was to create these. This is to give you a (hopefully) better understanding of the hierarchy and of the characters placement within their families, as well as a bit of knowledge of the Houses themselves. 

Thank you to Marissa G. Photography for making them beautiful.

Tu'renthian Family Tree.jpg

Royal House Tu'renthian has ruled since the beginning of the Fracturing of the E'ine.

King Kilbaine perished in the fall of Sa'Doran, unable to reunite with Malachite and the expedition in the safety of the Patresilen. His granddaughter Thenaria, led their surviving people through the newly formed Gates of Golorath.


Seven thousand years later, Thenaria, who was gifted the magics of the Temple of Mourning, is the current Matriarch of the Lethen'al. She does not yet deem herself worthy of the title of Queen, but clandestine events might force her hand.  

Tu'Renthien Sigil.png
Rhen'val Family Tree.jpg

Sui Rhen'val founded the martial school of the Lethen'al and created the Areth'kon.

Originally outcasts, Sui and his disciples trained in the caves of the Helashon Mountains. But when the Apostate laid siege to Sa'Doran, the Areth'kon rallied to the defense of the city and repelled the initial assault. Over the next ten years of the siege, Rhen'val's followers grew in number. 

Sui did not survive the fall of Sa'Doran and the exodus into the Patresilen, but his family, his legend and his teachings live on. 

His descendents have continued to lead the Areth'kon. The Head of the Noble House is titled the Commandant, and the Heir is the Field Marshal.



Rhen'val Sigil.png

Great House Fel'Mekrin is the largest of the Houses and counts itself as the most influential. 


The House prides itself on its martial prowess, especially with the sword, and can document its involvement in every major conflict as far back as the initial assault on Sa'Doran. 

The founder of the House, Burbank Fel'Mekrin was a First Marshal of the Areth'kon, one of the original E'ine students. A master swordsman, he rose to become the First Chancellor to the King.  His wife, Adonica was a master weaver. As a result, tapestries are a favored decoration of the House and varying sizes can be found throughout the barracks.

Fel'Mekrin Sigil.png
Fel' Mekrin Family Tree.jpg
Mer'Chien Family Tree.jpg

Great House Mer'Chien is one of the smallest, but it is the most secretive of the Great Houses. They are known for their prowess in unarmed combat. 

Although its alliance with House Fel'Mekrin was at first, mutually beneficial, it has changed over the years as Fel'Mekrin grew in influence. Now, House Mer'Chien is subordinate and little more than a Fel'Mekrin extension. There is talk, however, a communal dream of a new Head who will return the House to its former glory and unshackle it from its servitude.  

Its symbol is a great falcon in flight. Back before the fall of Sa'Doran, the founders of the House, Fa Jin and Ito trained falcons to hunt and fight. The descendants of these birds nest on the walls of the Gates complex above the House barracks. Fiercely territorial, they will attack anyone they do not recognize. Because of the birds, spring is considered a hazardous time at the Gates.

Mer'Chien Sigil.png
Le'Manon Family Tree.jpg


Great House Le'Manon is the closest to Fel'Mekrin in both size and influence. As such, they serve as a foil and a check on the ambitions of Fel'Mekrin in council meetings and everyday life.

They are considered master tacticians, and focus on the academic disciplines.Their House symbol is a matter of dispute. Some say it is a spearhead to attest to their skill in combat; others say it is a flame to symbolize the knowledge they revere. 

The founder, Aurora was a First Marshal of the Areth'kon and a Councilor to King Kilbaine. Her husband Nestor was a master carpenter, and his skills are on display throughout the Le'Manon barracks at the Gates. Of special note is the elaborate and sprawling library that forms the core of the structure. 

Le'Manon Sigil.png
Kal'Parev Family Tree.jpg

The smallest of the Great Houses, some argue that Kal'Parev does not deserve the title. They are, however, known for their strict adherence to the precepts of honor. 


Many call them the "lo'el of the Areth'kon." Although Fel'Mekrin and Mer'Chien use the term as an insult, Le'Manon and Rhen'val understand it as a reference to their fierce loyalty. 

The phrase originates from Durkin Kal'Parev, who was the first recorded individual to bond with a lo'el. Kal'Parev were the first to cultivate the relationships with the large canines, and were the first to ride them into battle. The combination proved so successful that the others Houses began working with the lo'el. The acceptance of the lo'el predetermines your eligibility to pledge for elc'atar.

Kal'Parev Sigil.png
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