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Author R.M. Garino

R.M. Garino


Maker of Chaos.

Dorothy Garino

Dorothy Garino


Chaos Coordinator.


R.M. Garino is the bestselling fantasy author of The Chaos of Souls Series and other expansive roleplaying inspired fantasy. With a Masters in Literature, he lives in the beautiful mountains on the east coast with the source of his inspiration: his fantastic wife, three sons, and a slew of unruly book characters.


An avid brewer of beer and strong coffee, Garino is a voracious reader, really bad dancer, an aficionado of fine cigars and single malt scotch, and is not nearly as obsessed with video games as his wife believes him to be.






How now, folks. I'm R.M. Garino, the author of the Chaos of Souls Series. Ever wish you could bring your roleplaying characters to life? Well, that’s exactly what we did. Although the overarching story of angels and demons is much older, our two main characters were fleshed out from a roleplaying game my wife and I played with friends ages ago.


They're introduced, along with their misfit squads, in The Gates of Golorath, and their adventures continue throughout the series. If you're looking for a thoughtful, somewhat irreverent fantasy that puts the story and character first, then come on over and give us a read.


Oh, and if you'd like to know more about the origin story of Chaos of Souls, then read more HERE

We love our readers! I say "we" a lot, because my wife, Dorothy, is a huge part of creating the world. She helps guide my writing, editing and creation process. The first few edits go through her and that's where so much of the story and character depth comes from.


Some of those funny conversations and zingy one-liners come from her quirky mind. She can hear the characters and she adds their unique voices. The entire world is born of our conversations of "what if's" and "hey, how about's" these past twenty odd years.

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